Creating Compliance in Adverse Environments


Your life is a journey initself. To create a pathway to be followed is a meritorious decision, but understand the weather while traveling may effect your travel.

The ages of one way to do all things is expiring as we become introduced to the revolution of technology, engineering, and cultural influence. This is a great step to allowing anyone to build a successful future. 

Once the opportunity is presented, we must make sure to recognize the pathway to take the opportunity. Along the way there will be hurdles, easy times, and confusion, but overall a process that is unforgettable.

The saying, “Once you doubt yourself, your vision crumbles” is a phrase that I keep amongst myself whenever engaging with a plan I have set. The power you hold in your mind is one that should never be tainted by another.

Creating compliance in your current and adverse environment allows you to set thresholds for yourself when traveling along your specific calling. These are a list of non-comprable traits, values, and practices you will not give up even in your mose adverse state. 

These compliance conditions can simply be foundational structures of strict financial decisions that will not overstretch your risk, not making a decision that can harm a person for an opportunity, or even creating weekly reviews for your growth. 

I reccomend you hold on to 5-10 compliance cues for you to have that you never compromise, or else you compromise your character. There are many distractions amongst the world we live in today. Creating strict focus is something extremely difficult in a world full of ads that are meant to take us away from our own thinking and place us in a realm of psychosis. 

Wherever you are at your stage in your journey, make sure your compliance is always met. Even if you don’t accomplish what you tend out to accomplish for this day, week, month, or year, make sure you accomplish your compliance quota. This will give you that sense of peace and focus that holds your foundation, allowing your empire to be built amongst it. 

Live freely, but with care. Your future is coming, you make the decision on what your future will look like. 

Blessings,,  Discovering, Self