The Ability to Withstand


these exist within the wind of the world, and it gusts ever so heavily today. Clarity and focus have become rare delicacies in our lives as the world exists at our fingertips, at our disposal. We are prone to seeing more than a thousand ads on our handheld devices without even noticing it.

Where does then, the time for your eyes to rest and focus on ourselves leaving the outside world behind come? Being immersed into a life that is displayed through a screen can contribute heavily to distorting that idea or question.

I was once told, whatever it is you choose to do, actually do it. I ponder upon this advice from time to time and constantly find myself not fulfilling that advice. It is so easy for an idea to slip into my head that is completely unrelated to what I am doing at that specific moment which needs my focus.

Therefore, I went on a journey to attempt to solve this issue. I wanted to finally live in the present and have the ability to focus. It started with a detox, a complete dissmissal of social medias, limited screen time, and maximizing alone time. 

This worked up to an extent. I began to notice how many unconcious distractions entered my brain all at once, seeming like it was an attempt to hijack my productivity. 

This lead me to understand that my detox needed to be centered around a goal. One in which would guide the progression of my development. One of the main reasons I began and all of its counterparts, was to help the people navigating through our complex present society surrounded by distractions and disruptions.

My purpose was aligned to discovering self, in laymans terms, what I have been put on the earth to do. This was a fully loaded question that is still being solved in my life today, but I have learned life is a journey and you are constantly learning what your purpose is. 

I then began to detach myself from who I thought I was, or who I think I am. Through a rigoruous whiteboarding session, I put my name at the center and drew a circle around it, then connecting it to more circles of things I loved or cared about and what they meant to me. Eventually, I was looking at a diagram similar to the DaVinci code. Bringing me to the realize there is so much to my mind and spirit that I obtain which I have not learned about.

As the detox continued, my discovery of how unique my thoughts were beginning to become and how my clarity opened up reminded me of how important it was to access the brilliance that exists in each one of our minds. Finally, I found myself having the ability to focus, be creative, and be happy. 

I would work on a couple of circles a week that I drawn out in my personal diagram. I still do this now, but unconciously. In a way where my priority is to focus on discovering myself without focusing on what the world is doing or perceiving. 

This is why I say it is important to withstand, withstand the information being flooded to you on your phone, tablet, or computer. Realize that the set of eyes watching and paying attention to that content belong to you.

Make sure that when you really want to do something, you are able to do it. Find peace through a detox similar to the one I have provided, or in a way that lets you detatch. Then find that peace that allows you to explore yourself, eventually discovering your purpose, and leading you amongst a bright and great future.

Discover, self...,  Discovering, Self