The Mystery of Courage

The true question we must ask ourselves is, why do we back down from an opportunity? Is it because we are not qualified enough? Are we scared of failing?

What about even being fearful of the unknown that can happen if you attempt to go after an opportunity.

There may be several different factors discouraging you from taking an opportunity within your life. Before everything, you must make sure you have the courage and willpower to accomplish something. This is your drive, want, and pursuit of higher self.

Without this, you are just walking along through life with no real reason for the things you want to do.

Think back to a time where you have regretted not jumping the gun and taking the chance on an opportunity. Although there may have been more than one reason as to why you didn’t do it, you probably wish you would have done it today.

For this very reason, I want to highlight the mystery of courage. Regretting not making a decision in the past has happened more than once in my life. I know for myself, I did not have enough drive or trust within myself to take the chance and take it because there was a possibility of success.

Instead, I focused on negatives that could deter my chances of succeeding which evidentially led to me not acting quick enough.

This has happened countless times before, but I rarely allow it to happen anymore. I always thought that when people spoke on courage and how it really could change the trajectory of where your life is going I would laugh.

But I slowly started to realize after acting less and pondering more on opportunities was that the only thing needed for me to get to my next best self was having the courage to act.

There was no difference from me and the person that took ahold of the opportunity other than the courage to act.

Finding that courage was the most difficult piece. I have learned to be at the center of my own motivation and courage. If I truly believe in the opportunity ahead of me I must commit to my decision to follow the path I set for myself. This slowly started to change the way my mind was wired.

I told myself every day, “You chose this path, time will tick regardless, you might as well give it everything you got.”

This phrase changed my perspective on how I operated as a person, entrepreneur, and samaritan. I want everyone reading this to also be able to come to that same realization.

Next time you are sitting about to make a decision on a big leap in your profession, life, or discipline.

Ask yourself all the things that could go right instead of wrong. Ask yourself how bad you want to succeed.

Ask yourself why another person deserves to take this opportunity over you.

Your courage not only comes from your desire to do well, but your desire to win for yourself and prove it to yourself that the only limit in your vocabulary should be limitless.,  Discovering, Self