The Nature of Consistency

    Believe it or not, we are all consistent at something. Since humans are creatures of habit, we tend to want to fall into a routine. The routine you fall into may be what you want, or what you want to get away from.

    But for now, let us say you are trying to consistently read for 15 minutes per day, ride your bike 3 miles every week, and journal every night. Your current lifestyle contains no reading, a bike with a flat tire sitting in your garage, and a journal that hasn’t even been opened in years.

    You tend to occassionaly start reading, 30 min one day and 0 the next. Went for a bike ride once during the week for a mile, and wrote in your journal the first night then never looked at it. Seems pretty inconsistent right? 

Maybe not ...

    Instead you consistently watch 2 episodes of your favorite show on Netflix every day, order uber eats at least 3x a week, and scroll through instagram for 2 hours out of your day and on any break you get.

This means ... 

    You consistently have to make an effort to break up a consistent (bad) habit. Everything that we do in our lives has structure regardless if we know it or not.

    This is why if we want to acheive a goal in a consistent pattern, we don’t destroy the ideology that we are inconsistent, just take a macro look at your life and see what you are consistent in (whether good or bad) and apply that energy to your new goals. 

    Just make your new Netflix your new book, bike to that restuaraunt you order food from, and write a quote in your journal everyday that describes you instead of using it for an instagram capiton.

    Take the things you are already consistent in (you probably won’t notice them to begin with) and apply those same principles into something new. It will make you a master of your own mind, where you are in control of everything you do. 

   Make that next leap, and consistently build yourself a better future.

05/01/2022,  Discovering, Self