The Trail with One


A trail that has the masses and one with none. You can go down the trail with the masses, that have predictable outcomes and calculated risk. The trail of masses has light, and a future can be seen, but the trail with none is dark and the future is unknown.

By design, you would go to the path in which you can see down, the one that has the lights already built. But the trail with none has no light, only intriguing a few.

Your life consists of these very so paths. One in which is guided by the masses, proclaimed to work, and have multiple success stories. There is also another that is not written, not documented, nor advertised. This is the trail with none.

If every person existed as the same, there wouldn’t be different perspectives, languages, disciplines, innovators, and inventors. But these are the few the travelers of the trail with none.

In this very life you have a decision to make. One in which guides yourself to live amongst a structure set by someone else, or a structure you have set for yourself.

The trail with none is one that is not for everyone, but it is open for everyone to take. It is a mysterious trail that only you lead.

The truth lies within your own mind. The truth to travel down the path of the masses, or to travel down the trail with none. Don’t think you must seek approval, validation, or credibility for going down your own path.

We live to create. Not just to cohabitate. Challenge the laws of yourself, and finally break through your doubts, for those are only others attempting to keep you on the trail of the masses.

Instead of being limited to needing to see the light, create the light to power your trail, create the structure for you to live upon, and build what you believe.

Seek your own approval, validation, and credibility. That is all you will need to travel along this trail with none, turning that trail into the trail of one.,  Discovering, Self