Walking Alone


You are the only person who can realize what God has chosen for you; all you must do is listen. Every individual will have a different path, but may arrive at the same destination. Please embrace difference with open arms and understand that what you bring to the world is unique. Doubt will arise, but that is only evil attempting to deviate you from being who you need to be.

This is a message to you, yes you, to dig deep into your mind. No one has an answer for you on what you should do with your life; that is a learned experience. Some things work for some and not for others. Understand that whatever your situation, it is okay to take the long road that may look lonely. Don’t be afraid to fall deep into your craft, passion, and purpose.

The ones that stick with you once you are on the other side are the ones you need, and the ones who fade as you gather yourself were not there for you, but only a version of you they wanted to see. Stick with your God-given inspiration. You will see the light with proper faith and discipline, I promise.

Better days will rise, and time will heal all things you temporarily feel. Finding who you are is an amazing experience we get to have upon this Earth. Problems arise, yes, but they shall not persist. Have the ability to fight for yourself, regardless of the situation. Stand up for who you are and stand on your word.

I hope only great things for you, yes you, as you read this message. Now go on and become who you’ve always wanted to be.

Blessings, Implicit.xyz

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