Web1 - 2 - 3??? 

The difference? The similarities? When did we skip Web 1? 

    Don’t worry, although there might be a bunch of jargon that is fed to you that seems complex about Web1, 2, & 3, it isn’t at all. For starters, we know that the world wide web is a place where we can access an abundance of information (whether useful or not).

    The year is 2001 and you land upon a really cool brand of clothing online while searching explorer, that has some cool pictures on their website. Sadly, there are no links to their instagrams, facebooks, or shopifys to buy anything. But wait, you can leave a comment about what you thought about the site through an aincent guestbook or even email the brand owner hoping they reply to get a sample.

    Web1 was a tremendous step in the right direction for the future of the web. Websites that were held in a Web1 format had filesystems (literally like file cabinets with papers) compared to our advanced relational databases we have today (storing stuff on other virtual computers). When there would be an excess amount of traffic on a Web1 website or application, it would cause for significant delays in load time, functionality, and graphics.

    With all this great feedback from users, finally pointing us in the right direction on how to use this massive space called the web, Web2 was developed. 

    The year is 2006 and your myspace had just been hand coded by you with that cool flashy HTML and CSS and you’re getting a whole bunch of @’s arguing about who’s ipod nano can hold more songs. Wow, flashback to the flourishing Web2. Finally, I can talk to others who use this space and share information too.

    Web2 is the social revolution of the world wide web. The biggest advancements from Web1 to Web2 was the fact you could finally see who actually used the same space as you. Now, your data is saved in actually semi secure databases, you can see feeds in real time, and even tell the whole world what you had for lunch. It didn’t matter how many computers were trying to get into that website, it has load balancers to keep that load time consistent!

    This is actually the world we know today. So why not find that next clothing brand and take that AMEX card to order 10 hoodies because you can! Web2 created the yelps, trivagos, instagrams, twitters, ubers, and so much more. The transition has just began though...


To be continued...


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